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Our annual Lilium Show will be held in the spacious Versailles Ballroom at the Sheraton Westport Chalet Hotel St. Louis which is nestled in St. Louis’s impressive West Port Plaza area.

Lily Show Schedules;

2017 Lily Show Schedule

2017 Artistic Design Show Schedule

PLEASE NOTE: All Artistic Designs must be in place by 9:00am, Friday, June 30, 2017 and must be removed at 3:00pm, Sunday, July 2, 2017.

2017 Photography Show Schedule

The 70th Annual International Lily Show & Symposium has the following members organizing the Lily Show and Symposium;

  • Convention Chairperson & Hotel Liaison - Lynn Slackman
  • Registration - Ede Strand & Stephanie Sims
  • Convention Program & Financial Coordinator - Stephanie Sims
  • Tour & Bus Liaison - Jason Delaney & Lynn Slackman
  • Speakers Liaison - Larry Diehl
  • Audio Visual and Recording - Art Evans & Rod Nerdahl
  • Research Trust Auction - Vijay Chandhok & Lorne Kaban
  • Auctioneer, Research Trust Auction - Ieuan Evans
  • Show Schedule - Kathy Andersen
  • Horticulture Judges - Kathy Andersen
  • Classification - Nigel Strohman
  • Awards - Jocelyn Thayer
  • Tabulation - Lorne Kaban
  • Floral Design - Kim Peterson & Ellen Mell
  • Photography Contest - Peggy & Rod Nerdahl
  • Show Room - David Maltby
  • Staging Room - Pam Hardy
  • Display and Exhibits - Pam Hardy
  • Clerks Coordinator - Gail Summers
  • Show Photography - Art Evans & Rod Nerdahl
  • Hotel Decor - Ikebana International St Louis Chapter
  • Hotel Signage - Lynn Slackman
  • Table Decorations - Pam Hardy
  • Advertising and Publicity - Lynn Slackman & Peggy Nerdahl
  • Website - Lynn Slackman
  • Local Vendor Coordinator - Pam Hardy

Bring your beautiful flowers and creativity to St Louis: An Historic French Town, at the 70th Annual International Lily Show & Symposium!

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The mission of the North American Lily Society, is to promote interest in the genus Lilium, scientific research in its breeding and culture; standardization of its varietal names; the dissemination of information concerning the above and promotion of such other purposes as may advance the culture of lilies.

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